300 Rep Workout to Burn Fat and Build Core Strength

by Karl Rogers
(Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK)

Rowing machine 70-80% exertion for 30 minutes, then bike set at zone training for 30 40 minutes, then weight lifting start with 80-90% of your 1 rep max and lift for 3 sets of as many as u can do,
then put weight down to 60-70% 0f 1 rep max and do 3 sets reverse grip bench press 10 reps, then put weight at 50-60% 1 rep max flat bench sets of 10 reps until u have done 100 reps on the flat bench.
move on to incline bench dumbbells 60% weight for sets of 10 reps until 100 reps are done, then onto cable 50% weight on each arm cable and front fly 10 reps a time until 100 reps are done, same for middle of body fly cables and bottom fly cables. finish off 100 reps on pec dec. finish with 20 min on runner or elliptical trainer for 60% till finish then go home eat good meal plenty of protein I always include a protein shake during my workout as well. that is my training regime different body parts every time for 5-6 days a week, some may it’s a lot but this what I do I am 5'9 tall and weigh 19st 8llb and I want to be around the 13st mark which I have been before.

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