Why Weight Training? There Are Many Weight Training Benefits

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Why weight training? Especially with free weights instead of aerobics, jogging, or exercise machines? There are weight training benefits that you will not find with the other three options.

Weight training is one of the best exercises you can do to make changes to your body.

Weight Training Benefits? It Helps You Burn Fat Faster

The people who ask "Why weight training?" most often are usually looking to lose weight and burn fat. Believe it or not, they are the people most likely to benefit from adding weight training to their regimen.

Weight training helps burn fat by raising your metabolism in two different ways.

The first way is that, on average, the higher your muscle to fat ratio, the faster your metabolism burn. That is, the more muscle, the more calories you burn at rest. When you diet by cutting calories, you not only burn fat, but you lose some muscle as well, causing our metabolisms to slow as our weight falls. By including weight training in your fat burning program, you maintain your lean body mass and many even build muscle, which keeps your metabolism humming along.

The other reason is what many people call the "after burn," or the number of calories you burn once you stop working out. As it turns out, you actually burn calories longer after a weight training session than you after an aerobic/cardio session.

Weight Training Benefits You by Helping You Build Muscle

One of the key components of building muscle is lifting heavy weights. It is self evident, then, that weight training is a must to build muscle.

Weight Training Improves Your Confidence

That's right. You build muscle and burn fat, and you see the results in the mirror. That new physique looks good and you feel really good about it, and you should!

Many people focus only on cardio and aerobic exercises, and while they may burn fat, they also lose muscle mass, and never quite have the body they want. By adding weight training to your fat burning programs, you regain control of what you see in the mirror.

So, burn fat, build muscle, and be confident!

Weight Training Benefits You Bones

Increased bone strength is another great reason why weight training is important, particularly if you are planning on dieting primarily by calorie reduction. Cutting calories to lose weight and burn fat can also erode bone density over time. Weight training not only increases muscle mass (and, as result, your metabolism), but also improves bone density. This makes weight training a perfect companion for people who are looking to burn fat and lose weight.

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