Use Weight Training for Golf to Improve Your Golf Game

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Weight training for golf is a must for those looking to take their games to the next level.

Yes, you heard me right, efforts to build muscle, particularly those muscles essential to the game of golf can give you an edge over the competition on the links.

It is amazing. Each year, as spring approaches, the emails start flowing in. You want to know about weight training for golf:

  • Should you build muscle to improve your golf game?
  • What are the best golf weight training exercises?
  • Is there a golf specific workout?
  • What is the best golf exercise program for building muscle?

    When it comes to golf specific workouts and golf exercise programs, not many people often think of weight training. However, weight lifting for golf has become a growing and beneficial trend for golfers from amateurs all the way to the pros. The fact of the matter is that golf weight training exercises work!

    Golf Weight Training Exercises: The Secret Edge on the Course

    If you have already started to going to the gym for the aerobic exercises alone then you’re missing out on half of what you could be doing to help your game. Sure, that sort of exercise will burn fat and you lose weight but the dirty little secret of weight lifting for golf is that hardly anyone practices it.

    Golf Specific Workout: Absolute Beginner

    As an absolute beginner to weight training, it can be as simple as grabbing a couple of 2 pound barbells and holding them as you do your swing exercises. That’s it! That’s weight lifting for golf. Of course, after a while you’ll get very comfortable with the 2 pound weight and you’ll want to work up to 5 or maybe even 10 pounds while you’re doing practicing your stroke.

    Golf Specific Workout: Getting Stronger

    If you’ve made it all the way up to that point you may want to look into doing some more hard core forms of golf weight training exercises.

    Any good long term golf exercise program can be split into three segments:

  • Golf Muscle Building System: Lay the Foundation,

  • Golf Exercise and Fitness: Build the House, and

  • Golf Muscle Building System: Maintain the Gains.

    Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t pump iron like some sort of action movie star, start off at your own pace. Remember, you are not looking to build enough muscle fend off mixed martial arts fighters, you’re just using weight training for golf to build muscle in the right places to give you an advantage and improve your overall game.

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