Revealed! How to Get Six Pack Abs in 3 Simple Steps

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"How can I get six pack abs?" That is by far the question I am most often asked.

Let me start my answer to you by saying this: It can be done, but it takes work. Hard work.

Don't let those ads you see every day trick you into believing different. If it were true, everyone would have them. Yet, you see more people strutting their stuff with a beer gut that you do with a ripped set of abs, don't you?

The key to your 6-pack is burning off the fat that covers them.

How Do You Get Six Pack Abs?

If I could sum up getting a set of ripped abs in 3 steps, here is what they would be...

  1. Diet
  2. Cardio Work
  3. Ab Work

Leave 1 of those steps out, and you may never see your abs.

As you read the following paragraphs you will get an overview of how to get ripped abs once and for all...

A clean diet plan is the first, and maybe the most important step to seeing your six pack. This is also the hardest step. Even those folks who don't care about seeing their abs but just want to lose weight fight with their diet plans.

What does a clean diet mean?

Well, it starts with the balance equation. To burn fat, you must (no exceptions) eat less calories that you burn each day. There is no other way to lose fat. The trick to this is to do it without feeling hungry all day long.

To do that, you have to use the garbage in - garbage out principle. That is, when you eat processed, fatty foods, a few things happen.

First, they are more calorie dense. This means that there are more calories in less food. This leads you to feel hungry.

Second, they are either (generally) high in fat, high in carbs, or *gasp* both.

Finally, if you switch to whole, healthy foods, you can actually eat more food while eating less calories. It's like a dream that came true!

The fact is this: You can exercise all day long, but if you don't watch what you eat, then you won't see your abs.

But speaking of exercise, what types of work can you do to shed the fat hiding your abs even faster? I am glad you asked... ;-)

You are going to have to do cardio work to burn fat faster. I like to lose weight by running, but there are other ways to burn fat fast. These include walking (another one of my favorites), cycling, or even dancing (this one ranks high on the wife's list). When I can't get outside to run or walk, I hop on the elliptical.

When you pair a nice clean diet with cardio work, you will burn fat faster than you thought possible.

Not sure about the best way to burn fat fast? Try a free workout plan to burn fat.

As you get closer to your goal, you need to focus on training your abs for the ultimate six pack.

A lot of folks make the mistake of thinking that they can get six pack abs by doing a near infinite amount of crunches, leg lifts and sit-ups. You just aren't going to burn fat as fast as if you spent that time on cardio work.

But you do need to train your abs to shape and definition. How do you do that?

Remember one thing. Your abs are a muscle. You wouldn't do necessarily do 100 bicep curls or tricep-pressdowns, so why do 100 crunches. Slow down, focus on good form to etch your abs. Train them like you train your other muscles. Instead of sets of 50, try sets of 8 to 10 with super strict form. Slow up. Squeeze hard. Slow down. Rinse. Repeat.

Try one of these .

Throw in hard work and dedication and that's all there is to getting six pack abs!

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