A Pilates Exercise Ball Adds a "Bounce" to Your Weight Training Exercise Program

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A Pilates exercise ball (often called a stability ball) can make many of your weight training exercise program more fun and challenging at the same time, both of which are helpful to build muscle and burn fat.

Weight training exercises can be even more fun if you include a stability ball to your routines. Although the stability ball is usually used to help improve stability and balance, just about any exercise that can be done on a mat can be used for working out with a Pilates exercise ball.

Made of a special plastic and rubber, the stability ball is thought to be a new weight training exercise program; however, the stability ball has been on the market for many years. Only recently people around the world have taken notice of it.

What Weight Training Exercises Can You Do with the Stability Ball?

You can do most of the same weight training exercises on the stability ball that you do with a bench and pair of dumbbells, from the incline dumbbell bench press to the alternating biceps curls. To do the weight training exercises, sit or lie directly on top of the stability ball in the same way you would a bench during your weight training exercise program. Then, using light dumbbells, perform your exercise.

What are the Benefits of Using the Stability Ball for Weight Training Exercises?

Due to the uneven, yet yielding surface of the stability ball, you will be constantly making small adjustments of your posture and position as you exercise, and this teaches your body more about about balance and calls into play the many smaller stabilizing muscles that are rarely worked.

The increased concentration on maintaining your position and correctly lifting your weights also enhances the mind muscle connection for even greater gains in your goals to build muscle and burn fat. Also, no mater which weight training exercises you do on the ball, you will work your abs, since that is the only way that you can keep from falling off the ball.

Find the Best Stability Ball Exercise for Your Workouts

Conclusion: Add a Bounce to Your Weight Training Exercises with the Stability Ball

The great thing about a workout on the stability ball is that it really is fun. When a workout is fun, it is more likely that you will want to work out more often. It will give you a better sense of balance, and strengthen muscles around the spine to have better posture. Better posture leads to better breathing. It will also strengthen abdominal muscles, increase gross motor control, and support and stretch the body. This is, of course, not to mention that you will build muscle and burn fat! A quality Pilates exercise ball is a definite must in your weight training exercise program.

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