How Do NO2 and Creatine Work Together To Build Muscle Fast?

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NO2 and creatine are designed to help you build muscle and gain weight fast, and are among the most popular supplements in bodybuilding.

These supplements help athletes build muscle and gain weight fast through a variety of mechanisms in the body.

Creatine To Build Muscle Fast

Creatine can build muscle by acting as a sort of supercharger for the critical muscle chemical ATP. It has been shown to increase endurance, shorten the recovery phase following strenuous exercise, and draw water into muscle cell, increasing muscle size. When taken with enough carbohydrates and using an intense exercise regimen, creatine supplements are effective in growing muscles and considered safe for most people.

The NO2 Muscle Connection

Compared to creatine, the NO2 supplements is the new kid on the block designed to help build muscle and gain weight fast. NO2, or nitric oxide, is present in our cells for an instant when we undertake strenuous exercise. It causes blood vessels to dilate and, as a result, NO2 increases blood flow. More blood means more nutrients and more oxygen, which feeds muscle cells. The dilation also causes a “pump” in the muscle while exercising. This fades quickly since the gas vanishes rapidly. The new NO2 supplements work by providing a sustained amount of NO2 by using a time release formula so the increased blood flow and feeling keep going.

The NO2 Creatine Combo To Build Muscle Fast

NO2 and creatine, when combined, allow for maximum muscle growth in addition to better better endurance. Most NO2 supplements contain the amino acid complex called Arginine alpha ketoglutarate as their active ingredient, and many come in combination products with creatine, creating a powerful combination to build muscle and gain weight fast.

Side Effects of NO2 Supplement

There are a few potential side effects of NO2 supplements. Since most serious lifters and body builders also take some sort of protein supplements, some caution is required. Too much arginine can be toxic and all protein supplements contain arginine. Therefore, you must be careful to watch your total arginine intake.

Anyone with special health needs should speak with a physician before using this or any supplement, and really even healthy people should be cautious as well. Other than consulting with physician before using the NO2 Creatine combination, we strongly suggest starting with a very small dose of your NO2 supplement and increasing it gradually to be sure it is well tolerated and to avoid the occasional digestive upsets.

NO2 Creatine Combo: Supplement, Not Substitute

NO2 and creatine are not substitutes to lifting heavy, eating right, and getting sufficient rest; however, these supplements enhance the process to build muscle and provide visible results for most people.

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