Beginner Medicine Ball Workout for Legs

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This beginner medicine ball workout is designed to help improve the strength and balance in your legs to set the foundation for you to build muscle as you become more comfortable with the moves and are able to lift more weight.

This workout plan uses three exercises, the squat, the single leg squat, and the lunge. The description for each exercise can be found on our medicine ball exercises page.

Perform each exercise in this beginner workout in a controlled manner. There is no need to rush. Concentrate on maintaining good form and posture.

Lower your self for two counts, pause for two counts at the bottom. You want to be slightly more explosive when returning to the starting position, so use a one count to return to upright.

This is a circuit routine, meaning that you want to perform each exercise in succession, resting for 90 to 120 seconds, and then repeating the circuit. Complete three circuits in total.

Beginner Medicine Ball Routine For Legs
Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 3 8 to 10
One-Leg Squat 3 8 to 10
Lunge 3 8 to 10

Start with a ball that is a weight that you fell like you can handle comfortably. For extreme beginners, you may want to start without using a ball at all.

As you get used to weights, increase the weight of the medicine ball to continuously challenge yourself.

Once you get comfortable with these exercises, you can progress to more advanced weight routines designed to help you build muscle fast.

This medicine ball workout is an outstanding routine to help you get in shape and help you get comfortable doing the leg exercises that will help you build muscle fast.

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