Long Drives and an Accurate Short Game are Just a Few of the Golf Exercise Benefits

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When you hear someone ask about golf exercise benefits, specifically as it relates to weight training for golf, the answers largely depend on the particular golf weight training exercise being discussed.

A lot of people overlook the power of weight training for golf. This is a mistake. From producing power on your drives to controlling your club for the perfect ball placement, there are many golf exercise benefits.

When weight training for golf, you can break down your swing from your feet to your hands. You can look at each golf weight training exercise by how it enhances your golf swing. That way, it is easy for you to see how you can build muscle and see golf exercise benefits.

Golf Weight Training Exercises: Legs

Your legs generate the power for your drives. The primary muscles of your legs are your quadriceps (front) and your hamstrings (back). By working these muscles, you can increase the distance of your drives. The best weight training for golf exercise for your legs is squats (you can also substitute leg presses). Squats work your quadriceps and your hamstrings, as well as you gluteal muscles. You can work your quadriceps specifically with leg extensions and your hamstrings with leg curls.

Golf Weight Training Exercises: Core

You will not be able to see the full golf exercise benefits from your leg workouts unless you can transfer that power to your swing. This is done by strengthening your lower back (erector spinae) and your abdominals. You lower back and abdominals tie your lower body to your upper body allowing you to take the power generated by your legs and move it efficiently to your swing. The stronger your lower back and abdominals, the more efficiently you can power your swing. To strengthen your lower back, you should add back extensions to your golf specific workout. For your abdominals, ab crunches and Russian twists (also known as trunk twists) are the best exercise when weight training for golf.

Golf Weight Training Exercises: Upper Body

To further increase the power of your swing action, you must also work and develop the muscles of your upper body. The major muscle groups of your upper body are your latisimus dorsi (upper back), your chest (pectorals) and your shoulders (deltoids). These muscles work together to push and pull your club through the contact zone, further enhancing the power generated from your legs. To work these muscles and get the maximum golf exercise benefits, you should incorporate the following golf weigh training exercises: one-arm bent rows for your back, bench presses for your chest, and lateral raises for your shoulders.

Golf Weight Training Exercises: Arms

Of course, all of this new power will go for naught if you cannot control the club through the contact zone. In order to do this you should focus on strengthening your arms. The muscles of your upper arms (biceps and triceps) and lower arms (forearm extensors and flexors) help to contain and focus the power of your swing. They do this by ensuring that the club face is in the right place at the right time for perfect contact. Club control has obvious benefits outside of drive distance. Club control plays a vital role in both your short game as well. Bicep curls and triceps extensions target the upper arms, while wrist rolls can hit both muscles in your forearms.

There are many golf exercise benefits, particularly weight training exercises. To see significant improvements in your golf game, you should incorporate weight training for golf.

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