A Full Abdominal Workout Plan in Just 10 Minutes?

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"I don't have time to do a full abdominal workout plan..."

Do you have 10 minutes every other day? Then you have time for this free workout plan.

Would you like some even better news? You can do this plan at home.

A full abs workout plan is one that hits the 3 main parts of your mid-section. Those 3 parts are the

Transvers Abdominus - This is the deepest muscle of your abs. It acts like a "corset" to hold your belly flat and tight.Obliques (internal and external) - These muscles help you to bend at your side and to twist.Rectus Abdominis - When people say "6-pack abs," this is likly what they are talking about.

Note: You may be thinking that there is a difference between the the upper and lower abs. But, they are really part of the same muscle, the rectus abdominis. The point at which you flex your trunk (at your waist or your hips) hits this area differently.

Each of these sections of your abdominals serves a different purpose, but from form and function. Obviously, when you think about six pack abs, you are most likely picturing the rectus abominus. But if you don't have low enough body fat, you might not see those muscles.

But, did you know that even if you can't see your abs, working the transverse abdominis can help you look slimmer? It's not unheard of for people to drop a pants size by working these muscles.

You can certainly create a full abdominal plan with only 4 moves. There will be 1 move for the obliques, 1 move for the transverse abdominis, and 2 moves for your abs (1 for upper abs and 1 for lower abs).

Move 1 is the standing stomach vacuum to target the tranversis abdominis and get that girdle effect. Follow that with a standard crunch to work the abs. Move on to the reverse crunch to hit the abs one more time from a different angle. Finnally, you want to use the oblique crunch for, you gussed it, your obliques.

To get started with this plan, all you need is a clear space on the floor and a little motivation.

Full Abdominal Workout - Intermediate Level
Exercise Sets Reps
Standing Vacuum* 3/td> 5, 5
Standard Crunch 3 15, 15
Reverse Crunch 3 15, 15
Oblique Crunch 3 15, 15
*Note: Hold the vacuum for a 10 count on each repetition.

Then do 3 sets of each exercise. The first set will be vacuum, standard crunch, reverse crunch, oblique crunch - all in a row, followed by 60 to 90 seconds of rest. This is called a circuit workout. Repeat this circuit 2 more times to complete the full abdominal workout plan.

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