Build Muscle with Our Free Dumbbell Workout Routines

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Are you looking for a free dumbbell workout routine to help you build muscle mass?

As you become more advanced in your muscle building workouts, incorporate dumbbells into your compound movements can add variation and difficulty to spark new muscle growth.

Many weight lifters are aware of exercises such dumbbell bench presses and dumbbell shoulder presses. However, there are many other compound exercises you can incorporate and substitute to enhance you current workout plans or create a free dumbbell workout routine.

In fact, you can work nearly all of the major muscle groups with dumbbells – from your legs to your shoulders.

However, as you notice in many our free workout routines, dumbbells can be used for both compound and isolation exercises. While compound exercises often include many joints and muscles, the isolation exercises allow you to target a specific muscle for growth and shape.

Lets take a brief look at some of the exercises you will find in our dumbbell workouts...

Arm Exercises

The most well known dumbbell exercises are dumbbell bicep curls to target your biceps. You can do these standing or seated, leaning back on an incline bench or on a preacher bench. You can also turn your palms facing each other and do hammer curls.

For your triceps, you can do overhead dumbbell triceps extensions and triceps kickbacks to really target the back of your arms.

Back Exercises

The one arm dumbbell row is a must do exercise for those looking to build muscle and get a bigger back. Additionally, many people incorporate dumbbell pullovers into their workout routines to add mass to the lats and also target their chest.

Speaking of dumbbell exercises for the chest…

Chest Exercises

There are many exercises you can incorporate into a chest workout routine. These include such exercises as the dumbbell fly or the dumbbell bench press. Each of these can be done on an incline, flat or decline bench allowing you to effectively target all areas of the chest.

Additionally, dumbbells give you an increased range of motion, allowing you to involve more muscle fibers, which leads to and increase in muscle mass. Be careful, however, not to overstretch your muscles and injure yourself. Be sure to use weights you can handle comfortably and safely when performing any of the free dumbbell chest workout routines.

Dumbbell Chest Workout to Build Muscle Fast

Leg Exercises

It is easy to incorporate dumbbells into your leg workout. Lunges are some of the best exercises to build muscle in your quads and hamstrings. By holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands you can add resistance to your workout.

You can also do deadlifts, both regular and straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells. These are great for building muscle and can add a level of comfort to this lift, since there is much less pressure on your lower back when using then dumbbells rather than the barbell.

Shoulder Exercises

The shoulders are a great muscle group for dumbbell workouts. You can incorporate seated shoulder presses into your workout for mass. Couple that with lateral raises to the front and side and rear, and shrugs to round it off, to create a great free dumbbell workout routine.

Raise the Bar with this Free Shoulder Dumbbell Workout

Advanced Free Shoulder Dumbbell Workout Routine

Free Dumbbell Workout Routines

As you can see, dumbbells add a lot of variety to your workouts, but keep in mind that many of these exercises take a lot of coordination and balance and should only be used when you are comfortable in the gym and with a spotter who knows how to spot dumbbell exercises. With any free dumbbell workout routine we offer, always remember safety first!

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