Exercise Ball Workout: 5 Moves to Get Abs

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Do you want an exercise ball workout that will burn fat and help you uncover you 6-pack abs?

For years I toiled on the floor and in various abdominal machines in the gym trying to lose fat and develop a ripped set of abdominal muscles. The entire time, I shunned the exercise ball workout as a fad, something that would be here today, and gone tomorrow like so many of the other weird abdominal contraptions on the market. It was, after all, a ball.

It turns out that not only is an exercise ball routine an excellent way to target the abs, stability ball workouts have been developed for nearly every single body part.

Exercise Ball Workout: Stability Ball Crunch
Crunch on a Fitness Ball

This stability ball workout uses 5 basic stability ball exercises to target your core from multiple angles.

Each exercise in this free exercise ball routine is performed on a large stability ball. A stability ball is a large, vinyl ball that comes in various sizes and can be as large as 2.5 feet in diameter.

To determine the correct size fitness ball for your core exercise routines (abdominals and lower back), choose a ball where you hips and knees are bent at a 90 degree angle when you sit directly on top of the ball.

This Fitness Ball Ab Workout Hits All the Angles

The fitness ball core workout below hits the upper abs, lower abs, and oblique muscles with a range of moves. The stability ball has an advantage to many of the exercises traditionally performed on the floor such as the crunch.

It allows you to get a greater range of motion during these exercises, increasing the work done by the abdominals, and the number of calories burned during the exercise ball workout.

This exercise ball routine uses 5 specific exercises to target your abs, both upper and lower, and your obliques. The 5 moves for this workout plan are:

  1. Ab Rolls (upper abs)
  2. Ab Tucks (lower abs)
  3. Crunch, Reach, Pass (upper and lower abs)
  4. Oblique Crunch (obliques)
  5. Stability Ball Crunch (upper abs)

Perform this workout twice per week. Use a 1-1-1 tempo for each exercise. This simply means that you want to perform the concentric portion of the exercise at count 1, pause and squeeze your abs tight on count 2, and do eccentric half of the move on count 3. This controlled movement allows you to concentrate on working your abdominals specifically.

Do the exercises in the order below.

Fitness Ball Workout For Abs
Exercise Sets Reps
Stability Ball Crunch 3 10
Ab Rolls 3 10
Crunch, Reach, Pass 3 10
Ab Tucks 3 10
Oblique Crunch 3 10

Burn Fat Faster With The Stability Ball Abs Workout Circuit

Perform the fitness ball ab workout two times per week as a circuit routine, meaning that you will do the exercises in the order listed with minimal rest between each exercise. Rest up to 90 seconds between each circuit. Try to complete 3 or 4 total circuits of the stability ball workout.

By moving quickly from exercise to exercise, with minimal rest between each circuit, you will increase your heart rate and enhance the overall fat burning effects of the exercise ball workout.

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