An Exercise Ball Chair Is A Great Way To Burn Extra Calories (and Burn Fat)!

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Have you ever considered using an exercise ball chair to replace your current office chair? Why not?

With all the time people spend sitting at desks in their sedentary jobs, it's no wonder that so many people have trouble not only losing weight, but other health issues these days, particularly back problems.

Even the best intentioned of us can't sit in perfect alignment all of the time and, even if your desk chair is designed for proper "ergonomics", it doesn't take long for you to get used to the chair and start slumping and slouching as you would in any chair.

Poor posture inevitably leads to pain, but is sitting at a desk all day an inevitable cause of poor posture?

Not if you take steps to avoid it. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you give your back a healthy break is to switch from that office chair to an exercise ball chair.

Using an exercise ball to replace your office chair (or dinner chair, or sofa, or any other chair where you spend a lot of time sitting) helps improve your core conditioning and your posture by forcing you to engage in active sitting.

This active sitting will not only help to improve your posture and alleviate back pain, but it will also help you to burn fat faster by slightly increasing your activity level throughout the day.

Active Sitting with the Exercise Ball Chair

Unlike your normal office chair which does not move unless you make it move, you new exercise ball chair shifts under your weight. This causes your body to make constant minor adjustments to your leg, back and gluteal muscles. Keeping those muscles active helps to burn fat and and also prevents you from moving into a bad position.

The exercise ball will help improve your balance and coordination both while you're using it and after you've risen from it; these improvements will benefit you while you're walking, running, or simply standing in any position. This obviously will lead to increased performance in the gym, again leading to your increased ability to burn fat.

Where Can I Get and Exercise Ball to Use as a Chair?

The SPRI Ball below makes an excellent chair. In addition to being a chair, however, there are many great exercises you can do using an exercise ball. There is a total body training DVD showing you how to perform these exercise included with these packages below! The links below will open in a new window.

Exercise Ball Chair: SPRI Xercise Ball Package With DVD And Pump

SPRI Xercise Ball Package With DVD And Pump

Comes With An Xercise Ball, DVD, Pump And Instruction Sheet!

Ease Into the Exercise Ball Chair

If you do decide to make the switch to an exercise ball, make the switch slowly... dip your toes into the water, don't just cannonball into it. Use the exercise ball for short amounts of time, increasing the time spent on the ball as your body adjusts to it. Once you get used to using the ball, you may wonder why you ever used a chair in the first place.

While the exercise ball chair is a great choice for many people, it may not the best choice for everyone.

If you suffer from chronic serious back pain or muscle or skeletal injuries or illness, you need to be cautious about using an exercise ball and should strongly consider speaking to your health care provider before making the switch. Anyone who experiences frequent or increased back pain after using an exercise ball should avoid using it, as well.

Get An Exercise Ball Now!

Are you interested in more information about using a yoga ball chair? Learn more from our friends at Exercise Ball Exercises!

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