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A Build Muscle and Burn Fat Boost

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EAS bodybuilding supplements include some of the most popular and well known products on the market. Their product suite includes Myoplex, one of the best selling protein supplements of all time.

EAS takes its name from the initials of the words that define its focus: Energy, Athletics and Strength. The company prides itself on a full line of the highest quality nutritional supplements sold.

The Best Protein Supplement from EAS: Myoplex

Everyone who is looking to build muscle and burn fat (and those that regularly visit this website) recognizes the need for adequate high quality protein and EAS carries many choices in meeting these protein needs.

The Myoplex family of sports nutrition products includes supplements and complete meal replacement products, including ready to drink meals, snack bars and powders, with most available as “light” or low carb forms as well. The handy ready to drink meals come in six flavors: chocolate, mocha, vanilla, cookies and crème, strawberry and rich dark chocolate. Each packs about 40 grams of protein in a handy shelf-stable package.

Many consider Myoplex to be the best protein supplement available on the market, but EAS does have other quality protein supplements including EAS Advant Edge Whey Protein, EAS Simply Protein, and EAS Whey Protein.

Other EAS Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

For muscle recovery, EAS offers Muscle Armor, with L-glutamine, arginine and HMB for revitalizing muscle cells, and an Athlete’s Defense vitamin and mineral supplement. The ingredients in Muscle Armor are also sold separately.

For strength building, EAS offers several creatine products, Betagen for maintenance, along with Phosphagen, Phosphagen HP and Phosphagen Elite.

Finally, EAS offers other specialized supplements in their Precision group: Thermo DynamX for fat burning, CLA for those who are sensitive to other products for thermogenesis, and three energy booster/recovery enhancer products, Catapult, Endurathon, and Race Recovery.

Middle Management™ Recommended EAS Bodybuilding Supplements

EAS Bodybuilding Supplement 100% Whey Protein, 5 Lbs., Vanilla EAS 100% Whey Protein
23 Grams Of BCAA Rich Protein With Only 2 Grams Of Carbohydrates!
EAS Bodybuilding Supplements Phosphagen HP, 42 Servings, Fruit Punch EAS Phosphagen HP
Improve The Effects Of Creatine Monohydrate Dramatically!
EAS Bodybuilding Supplements L-Glutamine, 400 Grams EAS L-Glutamine
Important In Protein Metabolism, Cell Volumizing, And Anti-Catabolism!
EAS Myoplex (New Formula) Protein Build Muscle

EAS Myoplex (New Formula)
One Of The Most Popular Proteins Has Just Been Advanced!

Many professional athletes depend on EAS bodybuilding supplements and many of the products are certified as containing only substances permitted by strict NFL and other sports’ guidelines, which is reassuring for the ordinary person looking to build muscle and burn fat as well.

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