Drinking Water to Lose Weight?

4 Reasons Why You Should!

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Are you drinking water to lose weight? No? You should be!

Drinking water is an easy way to burn fat faster. I know what you are thinking... How can water help me to shed pounds?

Let's dive right in.

Water is amazing. Without it, life wouldn't exist. Think about it. One of the things they search for on these missions to Mars is water ice. If there is water, then there can be life.

Strangely, though, we rarely give water the credit we should in our every day lives. After all, 65% of our bodies is actually made up of water!

Since water is such an important component of your very existence, it makes sense that it should play a vital role in your weight loss as well...

So let's get started with the basics...

4 Plus 1 Reasons Why You Should Drink Enough Water

(check out: how much water to drink for weight loss).

1. Water helps to flush out toxins.

It actually acts a a diuretic (meaning you will carry less water weight).

If you go for a long period of time without drinking water, you body starts to hold and retain the water is it currently has, just in case you are entering a drought. Start drinking more, and your body will release this stored water.

After sleeping for 8 hours (you are getting enough rest, aren't you?), you body is dehydrated. As I mentioned earlier, this leads to water retention, which when you are trying to lose weight, is not a good thing.

2. Drinking plenty of water helps you to feel full faster.

This leads to less eating, and more weight loss. Water has no calories, and none of the artificial sweeteners that may actually lead you to feel hungrier. Oh, and if you drink it out of the tap (did you know that much of the bottled water is just tap water… well, in a bottle?)

As a result, when drinking water to lose weight, you should have a glass of water before a meal, and then another during the meal. This will help cut down on calories without feeling hungry.

Drinking water first thing in the morning is also a great way to get your day started.

3. Water is needed to keep your kidneys running properly.

When your kidneys aren't functioning at max efficiency, your liver takes over some of its duties. This obviously means that your liver is not running as efficiently as it could be. Your liver is responsible for processing fat. As a result, if your liver is over helping out your kidneys, it isn’t doing its job as well. This slows your fat burning effort.

4. Drinking water to lose weight helps you to stay away from sweetened drinks like sodas.

You wouldn't believe how many calories there are in one of those things. You can easily drink your daily allotment of calories if you are not careful.

Plus 1

And on the lighter side (but kind of serious), many people avoid drinking water to lose weight because they fear having to go to the rest room more. I see that as an added benefit. After all, when you are trying to burn fat, every bit of exercise helps to burn calories...

And there you have it... 4 plus 1 reason that you should start drinking water to lose weight today!

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