Building Muscle Fast with the Three Core Principles of Bodybuilding

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Are you interested in building muscle fast? You are not alone.

No matter what you call it whether in be bodybuilding or simply building muscle, the desire to build muscle one of the trends that people in the modern world. People are using their bodies and physiques to gain recognition among their friends and family members. Very often, these fitness conscious individuals take bodybuilding very seriously, and eventually reach a stage where they find it hard to live without sticking to the core bodybuilding principles. I am on that road before myself.

And, if they are like me, they want to know the most effective route for building muscle fast. There are three ways that, when used in conjunction, will definitely build muscle fast. They are:

  1. Eat Right
  2. Lift Heavy
  3. Rest, Rest, Rest

Muscle Building 101: Eat Right

So if you are interested in bodybuilding and building muscle fast, you must focus on your diet. You diet fuels your workouts and provides nutrients to repair and build muscle fast. It is important to choose the appropriate diet that would complement your bodybuilding program. This includes getting the appropriate amount of macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. It also means understanding how many calories you should eat to build muscle fast.

The following links lays out every thing you need to do to get started building muscle by getting the proper nutrients in your diet.

Fastest Ways to Build Muscle: Eat Right (Opens in a new window)

What is Nutrition and Why is Nutrition Important? (Opens in a new window)

If you are serious about muscle building, then you should also consider using bodybuilding supplements to balance you diet and nutrition program. While not for everyone, bodybuilding supplements can help greatly with building muscle by ensuring that you are meeting your protein and calorie needs each day. For more information, check out our Bodybuilding Supplement Guide.

Muscle Building 201: Lift Heavy

A particular weight training program might not be suitable for all the people. It is therefore necessary to choose the appropriate weight training programs for your fitness level. If you are a beginner (and we all were at some point), it is important to start off slowly with the workout programs, using primarily compound movements to work up to heavier weights to build muscle fast. For more advanced lifters, some of the more advanced techniques, such as super sets and periodization may come in handy for you during your weight training routine. We offer many free workout plans to build muscle here at

Muscle Building 301: Rest, the Forgotten Principle

The final component of building muscle is to rest. It is during rest that you are actually building muscle. Your body has an opportunity to use the nutrients from your diet to repair and grow the muscles you worked during your weight training sessions. Many people ignore this component of the muscle building equation, and do not grow as fast as they would like to. If your body is not given the time and opportunity to repair itself and grow bigger, you will be disappointed in your gains. Therefore, rest is necessary to build muscle fast.

One thing to remember: Muscle building takes hard work and dedication; therefore when building muscle fast, patience is very important. However, it is definitely worth it in the end.

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