4 Minutes to Ripped Lower Abs

Shred Your Lower Abs with this Mini Shred Circuit™ Workout

4 Minutes to the Best Lower Abs Workout

Take a moment - right now - to place your hands on your lower belly...

What do you feel?

If you're like most people, you feel a small roll of ugly, unwanted belly fat.

Now, imagine what it would be like if that layer of fat melted away.  How would you change? Would you wear different clothes? Maybe you'd have a little more confidence?

What would that new self-confidence lead to?

Think about it... you're whole life could start to change if you just lost that roll of fat to reveal your lower abs.

After all, ripped lower abs are the very sign of fitness. They're the last piece of the fitness puzzle. Sure, you can have a six-pack, but having a shredded lower half really puts you on another level.

I mean, who doesn't stare at that v-cut?

But you're not going to see your lower abs by doing 10,000 hanging leg raises. Instead, you have to burn off that layer of fat that's hiding that pure sexiness.

That's where this Mini Shred Circuitâ„¢ Workout comes in.

It uses a combination a fat melting exercises combined with a couple of plank variations to target your lower abs while melting that stubborn belly fat at the same time.

Here's One of the Best Ab Workouts for Revealing Your Lower Abs

4 Minutes Lower Abs Workout

The workout is pretty straight forward. Yet, don't be fooled. It's four minutes of hard work.

This entire workout uses 4 exercises. Do each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest.

You're going to start off by getting your heart rate up with jumping jacks.

Follow that up woth forearm planks to hit your abs. And don't let this one fool you. This isometric exercise is a killer. If you can't do 45 seconds, drop to your knees and rest for a few seconds before getting back into the plank position.

Then move to bodyweight squats. When you target the big muscles, you're going to be burning more fat faster.

Finally, finish the workout with a body saw to again target the abdominal wall.

Simple, but effective. Two fat melting exercises, two ab exercise. Four ab shredding minutes.

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